Free Language Learning Resources

Want to learn some out of the way language like Urdu,  Brazilian Portuguese, or even Arabic or Hebrew? Trying to google those resources is haphazard at best, and often you just end up with some unsatisfying YouTube videos meant for proselytizing.  But here is a more systematic list of university-based online resources, the Master List of Free Language Learning Resources.

I had trouble with the podcasts at first.  All the links just seemed to redirect me to a download for iTunes, a 74 MB program that I really don’t want.  It kept redirecting me even after I installed the program, then suddenly it started working and offered to open the application with, you guessed it, iTunes (but not any of my other players).  (In retrospect, I would go straight to the Apple website instead of downloading it from an unknown site–who knows what else rode in with it. Note to self: run spybot and ad-aware…)

Scrolling down further on the page, you can find more accessible links to more online learning.  If you scroll to “Open University” under the “Free College Courses” heading, there are more links to resources, but hard to find as the given link is broken. A little googling though comes up with the page for Modern Languages (French, Spanish, German, and business English). If you dig even deeper, the same website offers Getting started on Classical Greek and Getting started on Classical Latin. I think I could have a lot of fun here.

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