Ramadan Kareem – images

Ramadan Kareem. رمضان كريم

[The traditional greeting means “Ramadan is generous”.]

Some Ramadan images :

ramadan kareem

ramadan kareem mosque

ramadan tan1

Image credits:

#1 Yellow with mosque silhouette. Artist: Tarqdz.  More from the artist’s gallery.

#2  Sepia tones with mosque. Artist: Saeed33Gallery from same artist.

#3 Yellow with brown calligraphy. Artist: NABDH. More from the artist’s gallery.

Have been listening to this Ramadan Kareem animation playing on a loop.  The sound quality is surprisingly good–wish I knew what it was from.


Note: I am fasting today, the first day of Ramadan. (“The rest of the year is for you, Ramadan is for Allah.”) It’s easier when Ramadan falls in December, as it did when I lived in Jordan, and the sun sets earlier.

When is sunset?  According to Channel 9, today’s sunset is at 7:39 PM.  The Bridgeview mosque site says adhan at 7:43 (the call to prayer is when the fast can be broken–many the time I waited for the call to prayer to light up a cigarette at a Jordanian bus station) and the iqamah at 7:48 PM.  (The DC mosque I link to in my sidebar says adhan 7:57 PM, iqamah 8:07 PM) Technically the Koranic answer, which depends on neither websites nor wristwatches, says sundown is when a white thread cannot be distinguished from a black thread.

Since it can be difficult to stay occupied without eating or drinking (Moslems are also supposed to abstain from tobacco and sex), until sundown, here are my Ramadan links from other years–from a definitely non-Moslem perspective:

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