Time Widgets

wristwatch 150This icon-making business is a lot harder than it looks.

I have noticed the post I was using to check international times has now dropped off the end of the recent post list. That means if I want the information close at hand, I will need some sort of link on the side bar.

So here is a symbol for the international time clock website, for current local time in various cities.

phone 150And a similar icon for a different link–this one can be used for planning, i.e. “If it’s 9 AM in Amman, what time is it in London?”

Now, to eliminate clutter, why can’t these two icons be combined into a double button, each side linked to the appropriate website?  On the left is “local current times around the world” with all the appropriate adjustments for daylight savings and so forth.  On the right is the time zone converter.


World Clock 75 px widget buttonplan time widget75 button

Okay, it’s done but I don’t like it. A simple link might have been better.  But I’m not going to change it now–maybe later.


Something simpler. The time zone converter link can be accessed from the world clock link.   So one icon and one link. In orange, I think.  A clock-world-orange.

clock world orange3 150 button

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