Mowing day

Time to mow the lawn across the street.  Escaping from my watering hose, a praying mantis.


mantis on fence

(you can see the wings and eye better in higher resolution)



Then, after breaking the Ramadan fast, some melon-flavored sheesha.

melon sheesha

Note: To offset the sad news of Sen. Edward Kennedy’s death a few minutes ago, here are some photographs of signs in

Chinglish (be sure to click the little arrows on the side to see all the photos).


4 Responses to “Mowing day”

  1. Paul Says:

    Mowing Day – how hardhearted to tender, fragrant grass….. (See Chinglish)

    • Nijma Says:

      Too funny, Paul. But at least when I go over there now, those “ragamuffin drunken people and psychotics” “carrying tinder and exploder (banger, match, lighter)” who used to live above me have taken their gang and their meth lab (which burned a huge hole in the carpet right over my head) and their mariachi tuba boombox and moved to other pastures.

  2. A. J. P. Crown Says:

    That’s a great praying mantis picture, also when enlarged. It’s too bad their heads make them look like space aliens.

    • Nij Says:

      When it turned its head to look at me, I was suddenly glad the thing wasn’t two stories high. They do have some grisly mating habits.

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