Sweet Home Chicago

There’s no place like home–unless it’s a tent. Yes, I’m back.

Here’s supper. Tuna with lemon squeezed over it. A scrambled egg fried in olive oil with a little sea salt mixed in. Good hobez from the Arab bakery, no preservatives, taken from the freezer and warmed in the toaster oven. [Bless us, O Lord, and these thy gifts. –Joyce’s Ulysses] Then you break a piece off the bread and use it to scoop off a piece of egg or tuna. hobez and tuna
A Heineken is discretely off camera in deference to Ramadan. The laptop, yes, it’s new. Unfortunately, or as it turns out fortunately, I forgot the power cord to my netbook at home when I went on vacation and was compelled to shop for a new one. Well, you can’t just walk into Best Buy and pick one up, so I ended up browsing the laptops. I have always wanted an HP Pavilion DV3 2155mx, but they only came in white, which means they will look clean for the first two weeks you own them, or you can also get some goofy bubble pattern. It will be a cold day for the Shaitan when I carry a computer with bubbles on it. But suddenly I see my dream laptop with a livable pattern. Not just livable, but pleasing, a sort of Shepard Fairey-esque pattern.  And not just on the cover.  The pattern is repeated on the inside of the laptop, and even on the touchpad. Yes, it has a Core 2 Duo chipset; yes, it weighs less than 5 pounds;  yes, it has a 7 hour battery.  But the pattern!  Someone went to some trouble with this laptop’s detail.  The computer feels solid, and it looks pleasingly professional.  But it’s also nice to touch and to look at.  That’s the difference between a laptop that’s just a laptop, and a laptop that’s your baby.

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