The Lake

lake0Minneapolis has its own seasons of migration.   In the summer,  people go to a place they call The Lake.  There are at least ten thousand lakes in the state, not to mention nearby Wisconsin, so everyone at least in theory can have their own private little piece of water during the hot season.

This lake has deer, two bald eagle nests, loons (of course), and the occasional brown bear that drops by to raid the bird feeder.






This outbuilding is no longer used, but it’s nice to have when you pull up to visit and find everyone is out taking a walk and you have to wait.  This one is a two seater. When you open the door you are greeted by a decorative wooden nisse sitting in the seat cover.   A wooden crate next to it holds a pitcher, basin, and towel. I don’t know if the pump still works–it used to.  Now there is running water.  Half of a porch has now been converted to a guest bedroom and the other half to an indoor bathroom, complete with shower.


Some places grow toads when it rains; this place grows giant mushrooms.  At first I though this one was a piece of plastic.


Notice the acorn on the left.


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