Hunker down

tarot21My Free Will Astrology horoscope for this week says:

I won’t protest if you try to conceal yourself from bullies or gossips or critics or narcissists. You have cosmic permission to hunker down and keep a low profile….

This guy is spooky–he always seems to know what I’m thinking. But the rest of it is typically mystical:

But please don’t hide from yourself. In fact, I encourage you to make yourself extra available to yourself. Listen respectfully to the questions and comments that your shadow murmurs in your inner ear. Be eager to tune in to the messages your body is longing to tell you. These communications might sometimes be a minor pain in the ego, but the long-term benefits to your soul could be substantial.

Hmm. Perhaps it is time to resume my Ramadan fast which was so abruptly interrupted on my Minneapolis journey when a good buddy offered me 1) home brewed pale ale 2) home smoked pork 3) an even more excellent home brewed porter.  Let’s just hope that, as they say, Allah is compassionate.

So what is the more global meaning of Ramadan that can be taken away by the non-Moslem as a spiritual vitamin?  There are some who say the second ashra, or ten days of Ramadan are for forgiveness and forgiving others–but others consider this to be an incorrect hadith.  I like this one better:

This is the month of self evaluation and rebuilding community and family ties.  It is an opportunity from the Divine to aid us in our struggles to perfect our character in every way.

I suspect that reconciliation is also part of that equation.

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