Norwegian American Press

More photos from My Summer Vacation…

My great grandfather signed his name with a X. For a while the family puzzled over the old documents, thinking he must have been illiterate.  But no, someone else remembered he always read the Swedish paper that he got from Minneapolis–there were several–so now the mystery is only deeper.

There were several Norwegian-language papers as well.  Here is what they were printed with and what they looked like, the equipment being part of a display in the basement of Vesterheim museum in Decorah, Iowa.

The explanatory sign:
1 Norwegian Press sign

Linotype (?) machine:
2 linotype

Explanatory sign for hand printing press:
3 hand printing press sign

Hand Printing Press:

4 press

The newspapers:
5 papers
6 Decorah papers

7 Norwegian newspapers


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  1. canehan Says:

    That is indeed a Linotype-type machine.

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