By request. (AJP, Sig, and Trond)

Out of all the things anyone would want to see in Chicago, why storage?  Okay, this is my storage at my old apartment building that I get in exchange for mowing the lawn.

Lawnmower next to door. Note padlock. This used to be a coal chute.
I hope you are satisfied.
This is the real reason for going. My Jordanian mint.
Once a week when I mow the lawn I also grab seven sprigs of mint and take them back to my new apartment. They go in a vase by the window for my tea. When they are gone, it’s time to mow again. The small leaf blades aren’t grass, they’re fresh garlic.


4 Responses to “Storage”

  1. Siganus K. Says:

    I wouldn’t put my hand anywhere near this light bulb in the dark. It seems just to be there waiting to give an eletrical shock to whoever is likely to fiddle with it.

  2. Nijma Says:

    I always touch the string part…and wear sneakers. You can see the string as soon as you open the door. I suppose I could fix it, but it isn’t mine and there’s a lot of my own stuff I’d rather fix first. I’ve already replaced all the old two prong outlets in my new place with three prong outlets, mostly so I could plug in my computers.

  3. Linda Says:

    Cool. The mint, I mean!

    What a great way to remember a chore – when the mint’s gone, time to mow the lawn again. I love it!

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