Finally it stopped raining. Also I just received my new mp3 player, a Sansa Fuze, in the mail and have loaded it with the Pimsleur’s Arabic CD that I got on my Minneapolis bookstore spree.  Time for a walk to the lake and elsewhere.

These guys are terminally cute, even though they do nothing but bark stupidly.

walk dogs1

walk dogs2

They say owners look just like their dogs.  As I started walking down the alley, a guy came out of the house and gave me a stare exactly like the dogs.

Onward to the lake.

walk ducks

Marsh grass, silver and rustling in the wind.

walk marsh grass

Picnic tables, but no picnickers.

walk picnic tables

Outhouses.  There is a building with flush toilets (and cold running water) but sometimes it’s locked.

These are always open.

walk outhouse

My new sneakers aren’t broken in and after an hour of walking my feet rebel, but it’s too nice to go in, so as dusk approaches I head for the residential area.  In the alley someone put out a sunflower head to feed the squirrels.

walk sunflower

I find the hole in the fence and climb up the embankment by a hidden path to an old abandoned railroad track where you can get a good view of the surrounding industrial area.

walk barrier wall

In the west, sunset.

walk sunset

To the south, an alley with those square black plastic trash cans that keep rats out and striped rumble strips across the alley to keep cars from going too fast.

walk alley

O little town of south side Chicago, how still we see thee lie…

In the east, a full moon rises.

walk moonrise

And it’s time to descend before it gets any darker, through the secret hole in the fence…

walk hole in gate

All this time I’ve been thinking about Australia, so after the walk, which turned a bit chilly, it will be time to cook some nice hot Granny Smith apples I have tucked away in the fridge.


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  1. A. J. P. Crown Says:

    Of course I love those dogs. It ought to have been four guys who came out and stared.

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