Leonard Cohen is coming to town

cohen ticketsPledge drive week here, but I’ve been listening to NPR anyhow, and barely caught the message that Leonard Cohen will be in concert here Thursday.  Not to date me or anything, but the last concert I went to was the late Jerry Garcia when he was touring by himself.

Since my bank account got decimated on my two summer trips, and my hours have been cut, concerts aren’t high on my budget list right now, but I sort of want to go this one.  It’s at the Rosemont Theater, a 4400 seat theater.

I’m certainly not used to these prices.  A $65 ticket gets you a seat on the side way in the back (or in the balcony). For more reasonable acoustics close to the center you have to pay nearly $170, and to get close up in the “orchestra pit” (?) will cost more like $250.  He just played in Chicago last May, at two sold out concerts at the historic 3,600 seat Chicago Theater.

cohen seatingWhen I first ran into Cohen’s name on a thread somewhere and checked him out, his music at first seemed a bit maudlin, too sentimental and navel-gazing, like Rod McKuen, but then it started to grow on me. The poetry does something.  When I listened to a few of his tunes on YouTube the other night, I had tears in my eyes.   I like this one, Hallelujah.

How many 74-year-olds want to go on concert tour?  Cohen has had some recent financial troubles and lawsuits, and probably needs to replenish his retirement funds. Who knows how long he will want to continue to perform.  Maybe I should just go for it.

Here’s the Trib’s review from the May concert, including a set list.

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