Hard Days Night

hard days night4Today after work, I finally had time to arrange some artifacts from outdoors.  Not bad.  At the same time, I parked my trusty vehicle (as you can see, it has a small carbon footprint), slipped out of my little black silk and velvet work outfit and pointy hat, and sat back to enjoy the creativity of it all.

Happy Halloween and a big *boo*!

9 Responses to “Hard Days Night”

  1. empty Says:

    The vehicle is that flying carpet on the ceiling, is it?

  2. Nijma Says:

    Damn! Do you suppose?….it’s from Tibet though, so probably not.

    Our spelling lesson today was about fly/flies, though.

  3. A. J. P. Crown Says:

    Nij, I love your new apt with the sloping walls. It’s like ours upstairs, we sleep with our feet in the point of the triangle.

  4. canehan Says:

    The first boat we lived on had the bunk in the bow cabin, so it was an isosceles triangle. My moher-in-law was not amused when I told her I only married her daughter because she was (is) a foot shorter than me so could sleep on the short side.
    Nor when I said that as a wedding present, we could use triangular sheets …
    That boat, incidentally, was an ex-fishing boat, converted more or less just by taking the fish out .
    But just married, and in the heart of Paris, who cared …

  5. canehan Says:

    AJP: You just don’t know your broomsticks from your flying carpets …

  6. empty Says:

    No, that was me with the confusion. I see now, yes, she was on the broomstick on her biggest night of the year, flying all around the world hiding Easter eggs. No, that can’t be right, because then it would be a sleigh. No, wrong again …

    Anyway, great picture but it would have been even better if the tired feet had been in striped socks or leggings instead of sneakers.

  7. empty Says:

    Canehan, what a romantic first dwelling place for a couple! Were you moored at a fixed spot, or did you travel about?

  8. canehan Says:

    Nij, I’ll do a blog about it in a couple of days – we’be got guestss at the moment. There is more to tell on the subject …

  9. Nijma Says:

    I think that was “empty”, our ace mathematician, but I want to know about the houseboat too. It reminds me of Anais Nin, didn’t she live on a Paris houseboat? BTW, if you want to make a link so people can click on your name to get to your website, all you have to do is put your URL in the “website ” box when you make a comment.

    If anyone wants a link to canahan’s blog, here it is:

    the feet and everything else are completely unretouched, except for the broom, which was staged. It’s really my landlady’s broom, or maybe I should say escoba, since she doesn’t speak English. For Halloween I was flying through the air on my broomstick distributing pronouns (photo), also I brought my laptop to class and played Peter, Paul, and Mary’s “500 miles” so the students could practice counting. Did you know that “500” in Spanish isn’t “cinco cinquenta”, it’s “quinientos”?

    I’m trying to picture this bed with the feet in the corner, and all I see is the pillows falling off the head of the bed, followed by the occupants. I don’t mind my ceiling sloping so much, but the floor slopes too, and not on purpose. Only the rooms on the ends of the building have sloping ceilings. The kitchen, bedroom and computer room (what other people call a dining room) have ordinary ceilings. I love the space though. Just that room you see in the picture is the same size as my entire old apartment.

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