H1N1 Art Gallery

Last week when I went to the main campus to get my Swine Flu shot they had run out.  Today I went back in the first hour they were open and was number 200.  “We’re doing a hundred an hour, not bad,” someone commented (hopefully not a math major).

On the way out of the house I had grabbed my camera, remembering the graffiti on the train cars by the exit that I had always wanted to photograph.  It was nearly sunset, but I did get some photos.  I hope they don’t say something nasty.  The only one of them I can read is the one that says “void” in big blue letters.  (They’re clickable.)


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  1. apocalypsecakes Says:

    I like your H1N1 art post. I forecast a blooming of swine flu art. Here’s mine: http://apocalypsecakes.wordpress.com/2009/06/14/leviticus-i-told-you-so-aporkalypse-pie/

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