This is my tent.

camping library

As you can see, the library is adequate for the journey.

Here are the rest of the accoutrements.


This is a Shawnee National Forest, on the flood pain of the Mississippi River. Bridges here are concrete, they can be driven across when the water is over the road and they don’t have to be replaced every time it floods.

camping bridge

The sign says stop here and pay. At the entrance is a split log fence of the type Abe Lincoln (16th American president) used to make.

You take an envelope, put your money or check in it, and put it in the slot of the metal tube. There is a padlock you can feel at the bottom of the tube for removing the envelopes. Does anyone monitor it (or the campground)? I never saw anyone.

camping pay here

This is the powder room. (For AJP, who appreciates indoor toilet design.)

powder room

You will notice right away there is no shower, hot or otherwise. What do you expect for ten dollars a night?

camping powder room interior

The kitchen:
camping kitchen
This is of course what you come for, the marshmallows.

camping marshmallow

and you make them into s’mores.

camping smore

I had planned to say here until a) I finished Ulysses, b) I had to be back at work, or c) it rained, but I’m starting to rethink this.  My spider sense is tingling, perhaps unreasonably, but I always listen to it. Last night there was another camper in the campground but now they have left and I am the only one there.  Also last night there were some odd animal cries from the opposite hill.  Wolves?  With fewer people will they be less likely to shy away? Of course it is the ones with two legs you have to look out for…  I may spend the night in the car, and will think of moving on in the morning.

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