It’s that time again. Fish and apples. This week I was inspired to reform myself, not a whole lot, just slightly, and instead of ordering chicken and beef enchiladas at the local taquería, I decided to go vegetarian and get the shrimp.  They were so good I got some more shrimp at the supermarket and fried them with a little olive oil and some Asian fish curry spices and ate it with spaghetti and tomato/basil sauce. Tonight the last of the shrimp gets the Australian treatment, along with an apple.  Only I don’t have all the right ingredients, so I will make do.

Fish and Bananas with Stone’s Ginger Wine
Stone’s Ginger Wine
Substitute shrimp for fish
Red chili powder

Apples with raisins and Australian port
Apple (Granny Smith)
Substitute maple syrup (real) for honey
Ground walnuts
Substitute key lime peel for lemon peel
Substitute black walnut ice cream for vanilla ice cream
Substitute brandy for port

By rights, this should be eaten with a small glass of the same Australian port used to flavor the apples, so I will substitute mulled ginger wine from the comments here (ingredients: Stone’s  ginger wine, brandy, fat-free half and half, pinch mahlab Arab baking spice).

Comment: The outcome?  Not good.  Everything was overcooked, except the ice cream.  I’m task oriented, not time oriented.  Next time everything will be stir fried in olive oil on top of the stove where I can see it cook.

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