Free library

I have no idea what makes a free library free–in the U.S. nobody pays to borrow books–but here is a library free enough to put the word in its name.

A certain percentage of a building’s budget now has to be spent on public art, so here is the obligatory statue:

One thing this library has that I have never seen before (outside of a Borders bookstore) is a coffee area. More libraries should be like this.

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  1. Studiolum Says:

    At this half of the world there are no free libraries since the collapse of Communism (although you only pay something like thirty dollars per year to use all the libraries of the city), but in exchange you have a coffee area in each library. I could not even imagine reading (for long) in one without it. Within an hour or so I would look exactly like the poor rabbit on the top of the book tower.

  2. Nijma Says:

    Thirty dollars a year to use a library? That’s outrageous. It’s such an American tradition to borrow books for free — I remember doing so as a child at the little Carnegie Library in my home town of 10,000 people. We didn’t read at the library though. We just chose the books then took them home to read.

    I just walked into this library with my laptop, sat down, and connected to the internet–I have done that all over the U.S.

    It never occurred to me to drink coffee and read at the same time. I ‘ll have to try that.

  3. Camillereads Says:

    Interesting post… I was unaware that anyone had to pay for the library… I guess in the states it is assumed that the library will always be free. When I was young you could never bring food or drink into the library or the librarian would promptly kick you out, but nowadays, I see little areas within public libraries where you can use surf the internet for free and sip coffee. Times are changing.

  4. Nijma Says:

    Maybe the librarians have been hanging out at Starbucks and Borders. You didn’t used to be able to talk in libraries either, but now so many classes require group projects that some campus libraries have a special area for talking.

    BTW, I love your “Keep calm and fake a British accent” poster:

  5. Camillereads Says:

    Hi Nijma, yeah libraries are certainly changing. For full disclosure, I actually work for the free library of Philadelphia and we always try to stay “current”.

    Yeah, I love that “Keep calm and fake a British accent”… of course, I can’t actually do a British accent. :-)

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