Suburbia walk

The snow promised for Thanksgiving Day hasn’t materialized. Yes, that’s a squirrel on the ground under the bird feeder.

Time for a walk.

Mostly the streets are the same concrete surface.

This area of Illinois is somewhat south of Chicago and enjoys a slightly longer growing season, as well as some unfamiliar (and familiar) plants.

Sugar gumballs.

The odd fruits of the Osage Orange, a shrub useful for non-decaying fence posts and hedgerows. The wood’s high oil, wax and silica content mean it will take a polish well, but is rarely used for woodworking since the silica also dulls saw blades and makes the sawdust toxic–you need a dust mask to work it.

Finally there is a boring park,…

…and a boring gated community.

After several days of eating someone else’s low sodium cardiac diet, not to mention having access to an indoor bicycle machine, I feel great.  But this is not really my milieu; I don’t feel at home here.  Nice for a day or two, no longer.

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