Cohen at St Louis photo outtakes

I have already posted the best photos from Leonard Cohen’s St. Louis concert; here are the less than best photos. They evoke something for me. Maybe they will evoke something for someone else.

These were taken with a little hundred dollar Canon Powershot A560. There are probably better cameras with higher resolution and better stability on the market now for the same price, but I don’t have one. That means I have to hold the camera perfectly still without a tripod while I take the picture. I have found that if I take enough pictures, I will get some that aren’t too bad. And what about the ones that aren’t not too bad? I’m keeping ’em. It’s Leonard friggin’ Cohen.

(Yes, they’re clickable. I rather like the closeup of the Webb sisters in the 5th row.)


2 Responses to “Cohen at St Louis photo outtakes”

  1. artandhistory Says:

    Exquisite blog on many fronts. Fine photos. Thanks for feeding my Cohen re-discovery. I knew him briefly in Athens decades ago, but beyond Suzanne and a few other splendid songs had not kept up. Now I spend hours on youtube.

    As for Ezra Pound. . . we’ll get into that sometime. Joseph Campbell was my mentor.

  2. Nijma Says:

    I just visited your blog and when I came back found that you had visited mine. You will find a comment with a link to Poemas del río Wang and Lorca’s poem that Cohen used for “Take this Waltz.”

    When Campbell speaks, it’s as if he’s telling you something you somehow already knew. Ezra Pound and modernism–I’m still learning.

    I used to sing “Suzanne”, “The Sisters of Mercy”, and “Hey, That’s No Way to Say Goodbye” back in the days before rock and roll, when people would still sing around a campfire, but I never knew about Cohen until I saw the name in a comment at languagehat. Since then I have been immersing myself in the Live in London CD. (You may enjoy Languagehat. He likes Pound and has many interesting visitors.)

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