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I have a favorite CD called Spirit Within recorded by a group called Just Folk. They’re a bit of a mystery though, because the CD isn’t listed on Amazon, and the group isn’t listed anywhere. I once heard them play as well, at a special dinner at the Red Oak Restaurant in Bishop Hill, Illinois.  It was the best $16 I ever spent in my life. They played traditional medieval instruments, a large keyboard instrument for one–clavichord?–and wore historical dress.  My guess–university people from some music department in Davenport, Iowa having a little fun on the side.

Here is the playlist:

1 Carol from an Irish Cabin
2 Spread your Wide Wings
3 Who can Sail
4 Simple Gifts-And Now My Dear Companions
5 My Carnal Life I Will Lay Down
6 Greensleeves
7 Cold Frosty Morning
8 Fanny Poer
9 Poor Wayfaring Stranger
10 I Wonder as I Wander
11 River
12 Mississippi Sawyer
13 St. Basil’s Hymn
14 Childgrove
15 Gift of Love
16 Love is Little
17 Slumber Song
18 Sing We Now
19 Sally Gardens
20 Liberty
21 Babylon Is Fallin
22 Puttin on the Ritz
23 Every Night When the Sun Goes In

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4 Responses to “Just Folk”

  1. Jenine Says:

    Both the song list and the inaccessibility make me want this CD. Sigh.

  2. Nikki Price Says:

    this cd was done by my family – you can contact jennifer thomas to find more music of this type if you are interested. send me your contact info – i will give it to her and she will contact you – she is the violinist you see on the cover of the just folk cd you posted.

  3. Nijma Says:

    Thanks, Nikki, I sent an email to the email address she left here, but it’s not working any more. The IP number I had more success with, and seem to have found an active email address that uses that IP. If she responds, and if it’s the same person, I will put you in touch.

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