gone fishin’

Dusk at Wolf Lake. Freezing rain all day, but finally the temperature got one degree above freezing. Time for a walk. After two weeks with the flu (so much for flu shots), it’s good to get out. Looking north with the glow of Chicago on the left:

Looking east with the glow of Hammond on the right:

There are huge, I mean really huge, “dog” foot prints in the snow.


2 Responses to “gone fishin’”

  1. A. J. P. Crown Says:

    How big? Like, six inches? Why is it that dogs don’t seem to get cold feet in the snow?

  2. Nijma Says:

    I don’t remember. It was dark. They were big though, bigger than most dogs. I wonder why they call it “Wolf Lake”.

    Have you ever looked at the bottom of a dog’s foot? Their footpads are like one huge callous, much tougher even than what you could get on your fingertips if you played the guitar nonstop for a month. My dog used to hate the ice between his toes though. When he came indoors he would bite at it and chew it out of his fur.

    I should try to take a picture of the footprints sometime. I think the wolves come down to the lake for water. Also, the evening I saw the gray wolf, all the dogs in the neighborhood were going nuts, you could hear the ones near the lake barking up a storm.

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