Rumproast attic

Ever since Rumproast freaked out and put their forum offline, there has been some speculation about what kind of illegal and/or unethical behavior is going on behind the curtain. But why do they even bother with the secret decoder ring routine, if they’re just going to let their most narrow and conservative male supremacists out of the attic? I’m talking about Humboldtblue, the same Humboldtblue who back in March of last year told us:

I smoke and the weed I smoke is f*cking awesome,…I for one, voted for a Democrat, because, as Kevin pointed out, a Democrat is the best chance to get legalization through…..

So what is Humboldtblue up to this time? Well, first he invokes the same-old, same-old raaacist theme the Rumpsters use to characterize anyone they don’t like.  But chances are, you won’t find the people he’s mad at using the kind of polarizing language — hate speech, really — that he uses:

Here’s where you know if you’re going to find common ground with them—just ask yourself the question, do I hate n*ggers in charge? When you can answer that question you’ll know which side of the debate you are on.

But wait, wasn’t that the same Humboldtblue who just last year was telling everyone how women should be denied equal opportunities so he could stare at their butts?  Oh, dear, yes, that Humboldtblue:

I just don’t think I’m cut out for the whole “women are equal and deserve our respect” thing.

Tsk, tsk.  And it seems that Rumproast  still cherishes his presence.  Why am I not surprised?

Maybe someone should put it to Rumproast like this:

Here’s where you know if you’re going to find common ground with them—just ask yourself the question, do I hate b*tches in charge? When you can answer that question you’ll know which side of the debate you are on.

…and then explain to me why these guys can’t seem to find common ground with progressives who like women.


*edited for ethnic slurs, profanity, hate speech, etc., etc., as usual


3 Responses to “Rumproast attic”

  1. Alessandro Machi Says:

    Probably time for a RumpRoast Watch site.

  2. Nijma Says:

    Good idea. After a while I get the feeling that I need a shower and end up taking everything down again just to air out the blog. It would be nice to have all the Rumproast obot commentary in a central area where it could be quarantined.

  3. Alessandro Machi Says:

    I now believe the word snark is the all in one word that defines the most ardent Barack Obama supporters.

    I believe what motivates theses RumpRoast snarksters is finding a key component of the republican party that so riles them up they become suicide bombers on the internet, except they don’t use their own real names so they can live to damage others in the future. (kind of like cowardly, snarky terrorists, sort of what we would expect a Keith Olbermann to be like in a crisis.

    Pelosi and Reid need to go.

    I have only briefly analyzed the Barack Obama snarkers, or snarketeers, because as you point out, deeply analyzing them requires a cleansing shower afterwards.

    I am wondering if one of their core motivating points is a speech given by a republican higher up in the mid 70’s who basically said for the republicans to hold power, the republicans must demoralize the democratic base since their are more democrats than republicans.

    While I can see how this could anger and disgust democrats, I remain neutral over this point because the democrats are guilty of getting votes by promising entitlements.

    In other words, Republicans support their base by trying to eliminate entitlements to non banking interests, and democrats try to increase their base by promising entitlements to the poor.

    My position is both are wrong, and that is why Bill Clinton was such a great president. Bill Clinton was willing to incorporate the best ideas from both sides of the political spectrum and he took a lot hits from both sides for doing it.

    Even though Bill Clinton is the only president in the past 80 years to leave office with a higher approval rating than then when he took office. Bill Clinton also left office with the highest approval rating of any president leaving office in the past 80 years, yet the snark squad that supports Barack Obama spat on the welfare of their own country when they ignored the Clintons ability to get to the core issues of most political battles.

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