Last Week’s Snow

Some night I’m going to sneak into this park after hours and get et by something large and gray and canine.  But not tonight.

The frozen lake is covered with snow.

At night, the refineries on the Indiana side of the lake take on a mystical appearance.

I’m not sure if these illustrate “The Road Not Taken” or “Stopping by Woods on a Snowy Evening”.

Yes, this is a big scary city, but no it’s not dangerous being out in the woods alone at night. The park road parallels a major thoroughfare with plenty of traffic, including the number thirty bus.

Back in the city, streetlights cast shadows in the schoolyard and icicles hang from eaves.


5 Responses to “Last Week’s Snow”

  1. artandhistory Says:

    You are such a delight (and a profound mystery with emphases on both words). Wonderful photos and many thanks for the Lang link setup.

  2. artandhistory Says:

    Me again. Couldn’t seem to access Scratch except as extraordinary email, but wanted to say, not to overstate it, but there are perhaps two people on earth who know of my range of interest in to passion for – – in no particular order and just for starters, Turner, Njal’s and other sagas, Dorothy Sayers, Provencal poetry, Wales, the occasional snarky political flame, city of Petra, dinner beside the Bosphorus, deck passage to Piraeus, Landsknecht Songs . . .

    Your blog is always a startling joy and a revelation.

  3. Nijma Says:

    Glad you enjoyed it. The “scratch” is just that, a virtual scratch pad for editing links and such. I was testing the Lang link and accidentally put it online for an instant. But Landsknecht Songs? And Turner…Ted or Tina? (and you do visit languagehat…?)

    • artandhistory Says:

      Turner = W.M., a ref. to the painting detail you had on Scratch, otherwise Tina for sure, less for Ted – – I’m for Jane.

    • Nijma Says:

      Oh, I see now. I haven’t actually read “scratch” from beginning to end before. It wasn’t supposed to be public; in fact, it didn’t go out over the RSS feed. Most of those comments ended up on either languagehat (the poetry, mostly) or AJP’s goat blog, and make more sense in context. I don’t spend much time on political blogs these days, it’s all a dance anyhow. If you haven’t discovered “Links/Downloads” in the right sidebar, that’s where I keep the closest thing I have to a blogroll, along with dictionaries and other stuff.

      You should add your blog address where it says “URL” so when they cruise by here, they can follow the link to your blog.

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