Welsh rarebit


Don’t you also beat an eat into it, with a little worcestershire sauce and good sharp mustard? All poured steaming over a thick toast of grainy bread? Garnished with parsley and course-ground pepper? –from the LH Welsh rarebit thread


After last night’s cooking adventure, you’d think I’d give up and make something familiar. But, nooo…..

I have everything here but the parsley, but I think I must have done it wrong. Here was the technique: mix olive oil and flour in a pan, cook together a few minutes. Add Worcestershire sauce and mustard. That’s when everything congealed. Some recipes add beer at this point, but I work tonight, so I added some water to make a paste, then melted the grated cheese into it. Then stirred in an egg that had been slightly whisked. Then scooped it onto pumpernickel bread, and popped everything into the toaster oven, with grated peppercorns on top.

This can’t be right.

Time to go back to Arab bread with hummos. Also a blogging break, where I just take out the spam every day, is probably overdue.

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