St. George Church

St. George Greek Orthodox church in Madaba, Jordan. The quality of the photos is not consistent, but I did the best I could without flash. The photos weren’t really taken to display, but more for sentimental reasons.

Wikipedia has some good photos of Madaba and the church, here is the mosaic itself.


Photos, left to right:
Row 1: Church entrance.
Row 2: [1] Interior of the church, rear entrance, where there is also a place for donations and a container of sand for lighting candles. Two angels are painted at the tops of the columns, I think Michael and Gabriel, this one should be Michael. A painting of St. Catherine and a wheel can be seen on the left through the arch. [2] Front of church. In orthodox churches, typically the podium-like construction on the right is for a picture that illustrates the name of the church, this should be a picture of St. George. The roped off area of the floor is the map mosaic.
Row 3: [1] Painting of Christ over the altar area. [2] Stairs leading down to miraculous painting of virgin and other paintings.
Row 4: [1] Miraculous virgin, credited with healing miracles, two hands hold the Christ child and a third blue hand was discovered to have appeared on the painting one day after a church service; no one knows how long it was there before the discovery. There seems to be fire shooting out of her thumb. [2] The mosaic, a boat with the disciples in it, the faces intentionally obscured by iconoclasts during the 3rd century(?); the boat is upside down, the photo being taken from the front of the church.
Row 5: [1] Mosaic, map of Jerusalem [2] Mosaic, fish turning back from the saline water of the Dead Sea; some sort of frolicking antelope creature has somehow escaped the attention of the iconoclasts.
Row 6: [1] The rear (southwest) corner of the church, showing the crosslike division of the main space into smaller spaces. Another painting of St. George menacing the dragoon with a spear is seen through the arch. [2] Art: John the Baptist, and in the background a virgin. As a side note, there is a very old image of the Baptist at the nearby Mt. Nebo that escaped the iconoclasts, having been discovered when the pulpit was moved during remodeling.
Row 7: A sampling of some more art typical of this church. [1] An icon of an angel. [2] A chariot with flames. The angel on the right has flames coming out of her hand (as does the miraculous virgin).

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  1. canehan Says:

    Nijma: Must be my memory lapse. I thought it was a permanent iron railing, but from your photo (3) it was probably the moveable barriers shown. Much more logical for services. I think we were just impressed that there was a barrier at all after the earlier linoleum experience.

  2. Nijma Says:

    The map always looked dusty to me. I wanted to bring in a damp sponge to wipe it off and see if the colors would brighten. But of course with the sandstorms and water shortages its hard to keep dust out of anything.

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