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From time to time I check in on the bitter Manual of Style Wikipedia war that is being fought over the em-dash and other assorted bits of punctuation. The other day a new character, SlimVirgin appeared in the talk page, and I didn’t think that much about it until I went over to Cannonfire, who has just inexplicably announced he will stop blogging and erase his blog, and saw a mention of “Slim Virgin” there.

Something strange seems to have happened behind the scenes at Wikipedia: See the tale of “Slim Virgin” here. Turns out that Wikipedia founder Jimbo Wales is an Ayn Randroid. Yet another libertarian! They’re freaking everywhere!

Joe Cannon’s link leads to a piece by Ludwig De Braeckeleer, who wonders if intelligence agents have infiltrated Wikipedia, and are planting disinformation.  Slim Virgin is identified as a young graduate Pierre Salinger hired to help in the investigation of the bombing of Pan Am 103 over Lockerbie and later locked out of her office.  There is much buzz about SlimVirgin on Teh Intertubes, some of it from hate sites and deeply offensive, and some with a conspiracy edge to it,  but here are a couple of the most informative.  This thread at The Wikipedia Review says she also used the name “Sweet Blue Water”.  The Wikipedia Review posts a list of known infomation about her, as does, their list is here.  Yikes, the last link says

Over the past year, she edited nearly 35,000 articles (about 100 every day, without holidays and weekends). The same SlimVirgin also holds a record of continuous editorial work lasting 26 hours, with the longest break in editing not exceeding 40 minutes. These statistics from Wikipedia’s editing records suggests either a supernatural ability, or more likely that SlimVirgin is a convenient smoke screen for an entire team of specialists editing Wikipedia articles on behalf of intelligence services.

Cannon notes that Wikipedia will no longer link to him, although they have done so in the past.  Some time ago, several writers left The Confluence over Riverdaughter’s decision to include his blog on the blogroll (she removed it, but they left anyhow.  It’s back up now). I too find his Palestine/Israel positions biased and disturbing, but I think his voice provides a necessary free-speech balance to the equally disturbing extreme bloggers who post links to Israeli hate sites and videos.  I hope his blogging break is voluntary, and I hope he leaves his blog up even if he doesn’t continue to add to it.


2 Responses to “Wiki Wars”

  1. Cyrus Vancidine Says:

    Slim Virgin SV is an unprincipled and wicked woman who sold her soul to the devil.

    She might just have known someone on PA103, but it is quite likely she made that up. There was a student at Cambridhe who died, and SV allowed her name to become associated with his. SV befriended Lockerbie families from the start, mentoring EDD. I think she was a genuine walk-in without agenda. Perhaps she thought it a bit of a lark. Possessed of considerable investigative skills, she quickly outed the Helsinki and Toshiba warnings.

    I think that’s when MI5 recruited her. SV might has liked money, an interesting job and loved secrecy. The security services is probably the only one a philosophy degree equips you for, she took the King’s Shilling.

    Her relationship with EDD, a high minded American sentimentalist of the green persuasion, must have pospered, but I don’t think she learnt of the new employment.

    By the time of the Francovitch film many UK 103 families will attest to the insistent approaches by the woman, saying believe the AF story is bad.

    I think that this may point to the fact that 5 itself have not been told by the CIA who did Lockerbie, for why 5 should worry if the Lockerbie relatives deluded themselves, I don’t know.

    She becomes prominent again over the Salinger affair. I think she was used to build up S’s position with the defence, while not telling him that the Zeist Court would not take kindly to being told how to do their business. The exact relations between the Court and the services are most mysterious and will remain so.

    S was broken at Zeist, and Megrahi convicted.

    SV reemployed herself as a naturalised American and went to the CIA and did dirty work for trade fraud in the Doha rounds, doubly qualifying herself as US attorney. Those pedestrian exams would be no hurdle for a woman who had drunk at the fount of wisdom of the second oldest university in the English-speaking world, a woman so inordinately impressed the Cambridge coat of arms and the word CANTABRIAN are inscribed on her web page.

    Because of those ridiculous US conventions which are called constitutional reasons, she had to be located outside the US and so was sent to a one horse town in western Canada, where her attack on the Wikipedia began. I think SV has created many of the standard attacks especially sock-puppetry.

    She corrupted the ‘pedia, an offence so great that I think she should be expelled from the human race and reduced to using paper tape in her computer.

    She stinks, but if she were to shrive herself, confess what’s she been up to, I’d begin to look favourably on her again.

  2. Nijma Says:

    Oh, what a tangled web we weave…

    Some slight confusion:

    “EDD”–Edd McCracken of The Sunday Herald?
    “CANTABRIAN”–a mountain range in Spain? Oh, Cantabrigian.
    The Helsinki and Toshiba warnings.

    From the various internet comments about “SlimVirgen’s” pro-Israel stance, I had assumed “her” comments were the official ones of the Israeli government, but it appears now they are those of the U.S. government. But what a fate–to allow your identity be used for political purposes and find yourself voted Wikipedia’s “most abusive editor”, probably for something written by someone else. I have noticed “she” prefers to issue diktats rather than discuss, explain, present reasons, and attempt to reach consensus. Whoever is writing her comments must be too bored to roll up their sleeves and do the unglamorous, routine work of making Wikipedia a better place.

    And now “SlimVirgen” is issuing pronouncements on passive voice! Is that a new twist on the Palestine/Israel theme or has the bunch that writes “her” comments gotten into the Canadian whiskey and gone rogue?

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