And now, for something completely different. A nightcrawler on a flat rock.

Other blogs feature crocuses in bloom and cute designer snails.  This earthworm is the best I can do–our shoots are barely poking out of the ground. I have dared to name the worm a nightcrawler since it seems so fat for this time of year, but maybe I’m overly excited just because I haven’t seen anything other than a mouse all winter.

You can see the thing run through its paces. It elongates its nose, it looks up to the right, it rests with its nose slightly off the rock. It may look humble, but this is the creature that turns ordinary dirt into well aerated and fertilized garden soil.

As a bonus photo, here is removal of a tree stump. Anyone looking for something green can see the daylilies I transplanted last fall just starting poke out of the ground beside the fence.

Finally, as I carry away 30 or 40 buckets of small stones from the back flower garden, a pale yellow moon, the kind you see on top of mosques,  sets over a pale yellow house.

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