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UPDATE: 4/8/10 Languagehat is back up. Welcome home to Teh Internets, Hat!


Last time the languagehat blog went down,  a little over a year ago, I freaked out and wrote my own lingua post, a long rambling thing about an Arabic textbook I once used (that nonetheless gets a lot of hits right before the beginning of every semester). Now LH is down again, pending some red tape about renewal of service, and I have little time at the moment to comment, although I want to say more. As linguablogs go, teh Log is fine, lots of good, if a bit dry, academic work there. I don’t hang out there, although I do lurk on occasion. It’s languagehat who puts a human face on linguistics, and makes you care about it.

For now the LH salon is dark, but the usual crowd (minus those who live in countries like China that block WordPress) is over in AJP’s kitchen at The Goat Blog. Hat even showed up there this morning to encourage the disheartened throngs.

But what about all those dictionary links at Hat’s blog that everyone uses? Don’t you wish you had those to reference until everything gets straightened out? Me too. As a public service, I will now paste the languagehat sidebars, before they disappear completely from google cache.

UPDATE 4/6/10: Yesterday LH reported trying to contact his hosting service, Gandi, and waiting for them to get back to him.  Today, he reports, “I’m in communication with Gandi and hopefully this will be resolved today”  and  “Discussions with Gandi are ongoing.”


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Visual pleasures
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Favorite rave review:
“Evidence that the internet is not as idiotic as it often looks. This site is called Language Hat and it deals with many issues of a linguistic flavor. It’s a beacon of attentiveness and crisp thinking, and an excellent substitute for the daily news.” (From commonbeauty.)

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