Last January when the language Na’vi was constructed for the movie Avatar, I ran across the name of an unknown constructed language, Chethlonian, in connection with a re-issue of John and Yoko’s “War is over if you want it” campaign. At the time I couldn’t find any more information about the language, but now the creator of the language, so far identified only as  James, has a new website.  It’s still under construction, but you can see a small sample of what the language looks like and read an explanation of how it came to be.

Despite being interested in languages for most of my life, I’m not a professional linguist, and this is my first proper con-lang. My original training was in music (My Bachelors degree was in Composition, and I play, write for and teach the piano on a small scale.) and I’m currently studying for a post-graduate qualification in psychology. Chethlonian takes up a large amount of my time. I’ve started to think in it, and hopefully I will eventually dream in it.

On the blog’s home page is also the intriguing statement “we have nothing to do with tortoises or Dr. Who”. Doctor Who? For me, Tom Baker will always be Doctor Who, but as it turns out, a race of cybernetic tortoises called Chelonians has featured in some of the spin-off novels. According to wikipedia: “Chelonians consider humans to be parasites and often try to eliminate them. There is a pacifistic faction, however, and at some point following the Doctor’s recorded encounters with them, this took control and the society began devoting its energies towards flower arrangement.”


“War is over if you want it, Happy Christmas from John & Yoko” in Chethlonian from

Chethlonian script samples from


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  1. Catanea Says:

    Oh, no. It’s not just a language, it has a script. I might have to “invest” some time….

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    thanks , very helpfull

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