The Loop

Time to take a train downtown to The Loop.

According to the South Shore Line, downtown Chicago, “The Loop”, is The Workshop of America.

I have absolutely no idea what this is or why it’s sticking out of a larger building.  It reminds me of Mab’s Russian architecture.

Daley Square, across from City hall, has the Picasso. I never get tired of photographing the square or the Picasso.

The Rookery.

Owen Aldis wrote to Peter Brooks, “I do not like the name which has been given to the Central Safety Deposit company building, ‘the Rookery’ any more than you do, but it seems utterly impossible to give any name to it by which it will be called except that…”

Some say the name was inherited from the hastily built and ramshackle City hall which previously occupied this site after the Great Fire and temporarily housed the city’s government officials. Others claim the name originated with the crows that once lived in the previous structure’s walls….  Perhaps Root had the last laugh, though. Exterior details feature open-mouthed crows–or rooks–that are reminiscent of the squawking corrupt city officials that once crowded about the City Hall.

The Rookery was designed by the immortal Daniel Burnham and his partner John Root, who did the Arabic motif.

Root took the lead on The Rookery design and engineered an innovative hybrid structure of load-bearing masonry walls and interior metal framing, which dispersed the vertical weight of the structural columns onto a horizontal plane.  The technique, known as “grillage foundation” was revolutionary at the time and helped to establish the commercial acceptance of the skyscraper.  this innovative technique allowed of the use of large expanses of glass, which gave access to unprecedented amounts of light and air.

Today it is considered the oldest standing high-rise in Chicago.

It was renovated by Frank Lloyd Wright in 1905 and by William Drummond in 1931, and restored by the current owner in 1988. The first floor is open to the public.

I rather like it.

LaSalle Street (the financial district) with the Board of Trade at the end of the street.  And it wouldn’t be America without the Golden Arches. There’s always a panhandler or two outside this one, but it looks like the city has pretty much shut down for Good Friday afternoon and they are gone.

Under the El. (The elevated portion of the CTA enters the downtown area, makes a loop and returns, hence the name “the Loop”.)


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  1. Kate Says:

    Fantastic!!!Near the City Hall there’s also a shopping center in which you’ll find abercrombie, emporio armani, bargù and D&G!!!!

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