Hebrew resources


Dictionary with 2 hour reading tutorial
Dictionary, keyboard, and translate tool
Online dictionaries
Semantic Dictionary of Biblical Hebrew (via languagehat)
Microsoft’s English-Hebrew Computing Glossary (5400 terms)
Milon: English Hebrew Dictionary
Yiddish-Hebrew-English-German-Russian Children’s Picture Dictionary

Language learning

Animated Hebrew games and tutorials website
“Coal mine letters” tutorial video
Hebrew at Learn a language on YouTube
Learn Hebrew Podcasts
Hebrew Podcasts
Learn to Read Hebrew
Hebrew For Me
Online Hebrew Tutorial
Aleph-Bet on the Net
Easy Hebrew/Ivrit bkalut
Learn the Hebrew Alefbet the Easy Way Through Pictures
Learn Hebrew
Learn Hebrew Verbs
Hebrew Language Store
Gesenius’ Hebrew grammar 1898 (Google books)
Learn English with audio in Hebrew


Biblos Hebrew Study Bible
Biblia Hebraica (interactive lessons from a graduate Biblical Hebrew Level I class)
Old Testament Hebrew Lexicon (Brown, Driver, Briggs, Gesenius Lexicon)
A compendious Hebrew lexicon by Samuel Pike 1811 (Google books)
A Hebrew & English lexicon of OT, appendix 1906 Brown, Gesenius, Driver, Briggs (google books)

Image: Halladay’s lexicon page 1, entry for Av אָב  (father)(clickable)

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