Cat accident in Hegewisch

It was one of those nights when I shouldn’t have gone out. But I did go out, and on my way home happened to come upon a black cat that had been hurt in an accident. If you came to this page by googling lost black cats in Hegewisch, and this is your cat, we got it out of the street and took it to the fire station.

It’s hurt pretty bad, but it’s not scared or crying. This is how it looked when we left it. It smelled the water, but didn’t drink any.

I put up some signs  for all the people who helped the cat in case they came back to see what had happened and of course in case someone was looking for their cat.

There are people who have been nasty to me because I live in Chicago — yes, when people from Chicago go on vacation we have to listen to people saying things like “Al Capone ratta tat tat” — and on the internet I’ve even been called “the Tough Gal from Chicago who has Been There and Back” by some illustrious literati who should know better. For those snide sneering people, here is a list of all the people who went out of their way to help a hurt cat tonight:
-a lady with two children in the car who stopped and made several phone calls to city agencies, then waited with the cat for two hours when Animal Control told her someone had been dispatched
-a guy who saw the cat get hit by a truck and parked his car to protect the cat from traffic
-a guy walking a dog who told me Animal Control doesn’t come out at 9 pm at night and suggesting taking the animal to the fire station
-two guys walking a dog who told me Animal Control always says they are on the way but they never show up
-two guys on a bus who saw me walking with a box and had the bus driver stop. One of them helped me get the cat in the box
-a bus driver who drove around the block waiting for us to get the cat in the box then drove us to the fire station
-the guy who carried the cat to the fire station with me but kept telling me I was going to do all the talking.
-the guy at the fire station who started out saying “we don’t…”, then looked at the cat and started making phone calls


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  1. gmanedit Says:

    Well done, Chicago!

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