Recipes from Haiti

The end of the semester brings frenetic activity: grading tests, pre-registration for summer session, and the deadline for handing in grades, but it also brings end-of-semester parties and FOOD.  We have always had a few Haitian students (and staff), but this semester’s course started about the time of the disaster in Haiti and there were more Haitian students than usual.

Here are some of this semester’s recipes from Haiti. The rest were written on the blackboard and photographed.  On the plate is pictured (clockwise) carrot and cabbage salad, rice, green plantain, and in the middle, chicken.

Plantain banana


3 sweet bananas (yellow)\water to cover
salt – 1 coffee spoon (tablespoon)
oil for frying


cut bananas lengthwise
put salt in water
put banana in salt water, soak 3 minutes
put banana in hot oil for 1 minute
turn banana and fry the other side 1 minute

Variation: Green bananas

soak 6 or 7 minutes
press to remove water (with something hard, not spatula, not towel)

[see blackboard photo for more directions and image of wooden plantain press]


remove skin and wash chicken with lemon–squeeze lemon over chicken and rub in with hands
rinse off lemon
put chicken in pan of boiling water for 30 seconds
season chicken with Maggi chicken seasoning, lemon juice, garlic
boil 5 minutes
put chicken in hot oil, fry 7-10 minutes, turning frequently

Macaroni (with ham)


1 onion, minced
salt-2 large spoons
milk – 1 can Carnation condensed milk


boil water with salt and garlic
put macaroni in boiling water
boil 5 minutes
drain macaroni
put in cold water

In a casserole:

grease casserole with butter
put in macaroni, onion, milk, ham
sprinkle cheese on top
bake 300 degrees for 15 minutes until cheese melts

The recipes for fried rice and carrot-cabbage salad were written on the board and photographed.  Nice how photographs can save so much time copying.

Fried rice:

Carrot cabbage salad:

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