Some Mandelstam sources

Some links for Russian poet Osip Mandelstam:

Egyptian Stamp in Russian (from Studiolum) and in English via Google TranslateLine by line analysis of “Egipetskaya marka” (“The Egyptian stamp”) in Russian.

In Russian:

Стихия: Лучшая поэзия

Mandelshtam at Friends & Partners–150+ poems in Russian.

Рисунок Акварелью with texts of Tristia and Камень

In English:

Poet Page from the Department of Slavic Languages and Literatures, Northwestern University (

I despise the light…/Я ненавижу свет…

Insomnia. Homer. Taut sails…/Бессоница, Гомер, тугие паруса…


The Twilight of Freedom/Сумерки свободы

Sisters heaviness and tenderness…/Сестры – тяжесть и нежность…

The Swallow/Ласточка

Take for your joy from my palms…/Bозьми на радость из моих ладоней…

Because I couldn’t hold onto your hands…/За то, что я руки твои не сумел удержать…

Graphite Ode/Грифельная ода


I will tell you the utmost candor…/Я скажу тебе с последней прямотой…

For the thundering valor of ages to come…/За гремучую доблесть грядущих веков…




The Age/Bек

Schubert on the water, and Mozart in the birds’ din…/И Шуберт на воде, и Моцарт в птичьем гаме…

Gypsy girl/Цыганка (Russian only, audio read by author)

No, I was never anyone’s contemporary…/Нет, никогда ничей я не был современник… (Russian only, audio read by author)

Yevgeny Bonver’s translations (English only):

The Falling Is the Constant…

I Can’t Sleep…

I Could Not Among…

I Had Not Tried the Wine…

I Often Shiver With Cold

No, Not the Moon…

O Heavens, Heavens…

To Cure Wounds Is…

Translated by Alex Sitnitsky:


Image thy…

An inexpressible sorrow…

I will tell you frankly…

A wandering light twinkles…

Homer. Insomnia…


What should I do with you, my flesh,…

The snowy hive slows down…


Boris Leyvi:

Insomnia, Homer, Sails

by James Greene:


When Psyche, Who is Life, Descends Among The Shades

Lightheartedly Take From The Palms Of My Hands

Poems, tr. Bruce McClelland (English, transliteration, plus gobbledygook, and images of the pages in Russian):

How hard for me, the splendor of this crown and robe…


Every church sings its own soft part…

On a sleigh, padded with straw…


I’ve lost a delicate cameo…

The Greeks planned for war…

I am cold. Transparent Spring dresses

Not believing in the Resurrection

This night is beyond recall



When on the squares and in solitary silence

A young Levite among priests

The thick golden stream of honey took so long

That evening the forest of organ pipes did not play

Your marvelous pronunciation



Let us go where there are varied crafts

In a crystal whirlpool, such steepness!

Nature’s the same as Rome, was reflected in it

To read only children’s books

Go back to the tainted lap, Leah

O this air, intoxicated with sedition

In Petersburg we’ll meet again

Stretching taut the silken threads

We went out of our minds with the easy life

Why do the clock-hoppers sing

The flame annihilates

I dream of hunchbacked Tiflis

An American girl of twenty

Sisters — Heaviness, Tenderness — your signs are identical

I want to serve you

A phantom scene barely glimmers


I am sorry it is winter now

The chalice was suspended in the air

As Psyche-Life goes down to the shades

Just for joy, take from my palms


At a dreadful height, a wandering fire —


If I am to know how to restrain your hands

Beneath a veil of milky white

Old Poetry (English only) tr. unknown

A. S. Kline , 24 poems by Mandelstam

The Stalin Epigram tr. W. S. Merwin–; Russian text.

Tristia (translation by Ilya Shambat)

Translation of Selections from Osip Mandelstam’s Second Voronezh Notebook (1937) Leeore Schnairsohn (English and Russian)

Poems from Mandelstam By Osip Mandelʹshtam, Robert Hay Morrison (Google Books limited preview)

Complete poetry of Osip Emilevich Mandelstam By Osip Mandelʹshtam, Burton Raffel, Alla Burago, Sidney Monas  (Google Books limited preview)

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