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A new government website from the FTC,, teaches kids about advertising. There is already an older website for that, Youarehere, but this one is a little better, since you can get an avatar.  I don’t have the patience to wade through either of these, or to listen to the intro over and over just to enter the “game” area of the site.  I’m just in it for the avatar.

Admongo registration page:

Everything I know about kids and the internet I learned from the kids downstairs, but I can tell you these websites are no competition for social networking sites like Wee World. First of all, kids want to “get” stuff. The avatars on Wee World have a fashionable clothes with plenty of color selections.  You’re not stuck with pink if you don’t like it, plus you can make the tops and bottoms actually match without expending a lot of effort.  You can even outfit yourself with toys and pets.  With the government website, I can’t even see the shoe selections on my 10″ screen.

Wee World registration page:

The other thing kids want to collect is points.  They want to see their point totals when they log in, or maybe some icons for prizes they’ve won, and they want the other kids to see how many points they have.  But do they get points for correct answers on Admongo?  No.  But you better believe they get beaucoup points for answering the Wee World marketing questions.  And the irony is that they probably don’t even recognize it as marketing.

Via Slate.

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