Paha Ska Painting

Susan Salway has very kindly sent me a photograph of what she describes as “a very large buffalo hide painting done by Paha Ska in the late 1980’s that I refurbished”.  Her husband was the late Orville Francis Salway, the Lakota artist known as “Paha Ska”.  I met Paha Ska years ago and wrote about him in this post.

For a larger (and slower loading) file of the same image, that you can zoom in on, click here.

She says it’s a large one, about 7′x9′, and yes, it’s for sale.

Here are some more details from the painting:

Susan Salway blogs at and she is on Facebook.

3 Responses to “Paha Ska Painting”

  1. Susan Salway Says:

    For the discerning collector, or a stunning piece in a commercial or institutional setting, this was probably Paha Ska’s finest effort. I have recently refreshed the colors using Paha Ska’s brushes and earth pigment dyes, as he so carefully instructed me in their creation many years ago. I do not have room for it, and so it is for sale.

  2. sean B Says:

    Hello,Just wondering if you still had the paha ska hide for sale.I met him out in s.d and recently ended up with 2 huge framed paintings.Wondering if your hide was around or if not.possibly tell me how much its worth.
    Im not a collector.Just a young artist that loves his culture.
    Thank you very much hope to hear back

  3. Nijma Says:

    sean B, I don’t know if she monitors this thread–someone was following the other thread that I linked to in the first paragraph, but I suspect it was one of the art dealers. She does have a Facebook page but I can’t give you the link, as the nanny-ware for the server I’m on right now won’t let me access Facebook–just google “Susan Salway facebook” and you should see the link. If that doesn’t work, email me and I can pass along your email address to her.

    If you just want to see some sample selling prices, you might want to follow some of the dead links to ebay in that article; maybe google cache or the Wayback Machine will yield the selling price for them.

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