Birthday present

Happy birthday to me.

Already I have a birthday present–some pepper plants a neighbor gave me. Here is the garden before:

Here is the garden after, with cucumbers and peppers, also some climbing sweet peas and hyacinths.

Then we went to Hyde Park for the art fair and coffee.  Turns out my neighbor is into scientology, and talks to spirits. His girlfriend just died not too long ago.

Here is Frank Lloyd Wright’s Robie House in Hyde Park:

Did you know Frank Lloyd Wright came from a planet where two-headed naked penguins are the dominant species? Naked meaning no feathers and two heads for faster thought processing. (Two heads are better than one.) I had never heard of this before.

And my birthday isn’t over yet.

To be continued…


8 Responses to “Birthday present”

  1. Noetica Says:

    Happy birthday!

    Under that same head, Chopin allegedly said “Nothing is more beautiful than a guitar save perhaps two.”

  2. Nijma Says:

    Ah, Noetica.
    Now my birthday is complete.

    Would you settle for a guitar and a flute? (an instrument that I play)

    And not Chopin, but here is the second guitar:

  3. Canehan Says:

    And Happy Birthday from across the pond …

    Lovely clips…

  4. Nijma Says:

    Thanks Canehan, I wondered if you were still comfortably ensconced in your Norman paradise.

    When I was looking up Chopin for the clips yesterday, I found out he was a Romanticist.

  5. Canehan Says:

    Actually, still in London today. We go across the ditch (in comparison to the pond) tomorrow for, I hope, a couple/three months. Taking a new electricsaw/tree lopper and probably have to buy a new lawmmower there, so there is work in store. But I am overweight after the winter ….

  6. Canehan Says:

    …and two heads for faster thought processing. (Two heads are better than one.) I had never heard of this before.

    Pierson’s Puppeteers in Larry Niven’s Ringworld series, and other books, have two heads, on long, supple necks. Seems to work for them.

  7. Nijma Says:

    The puppeteers, of course! They had great peripheral vision too, 360 degrees of it.

    But Niven is fiction and I’m afraid this guy’s planets are quite real, to him at least. It’s all in line with the teachings of Scientology.

    This guy is fascinating. His house is a Victorian, the only one on the block without a lawn, and something you would pick out as belonging to the Addams Family. He says it was built in the 1890’s for a local doctor who did abortions for Native American women back when interracial fraternization was illegal. He has shelves of books–leather bound, with marbleized end papers, huge, some in Latin, from the 1800’s and earlier. One he told me was bound with human skin, then laughed and said it was probably goat. Vellum, I would imagine.

  8. Nijma Says:

    across the ditch

    Safe journey. I hope it’s better than my last crossing. It was the same year the Berlin Wall came down, and there was a train strike that crippled France. I got out of London on a special train that bypassed France, snaked through Germany and three days later decanted me in Milan at 2AM. No food on that train; I lived on bottled water, oranges, and those cylindrical packages of cookies I grabbed at Victoria Station. The ferry was packed–the lucky ones had a chair in the bar, and everywhere else it was wall-to-wall people sleeping on the floor.

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