Amharic resources

If you just want to poke around Amharic a little bit, have fun with the language, and see some interesting visuals, you might want to start out with this blog, Road to Ethiopia, written by a student of Amharic language.

[Amharic is one of the three major languages of Ethiopia along with Oromo in the south and Tigrigna in the north.   It’s also the official governmental language of Ethiopia.]

Image (above): Ethiopian coffee ritual with charcoal burner and incense, woman has traditional braids and is wearing traditional white dress with woven border, painted on leather.

Here are the more utilitarian links:

Online Dictionaries

Dictionary of the Amharic Language by Charles William Isenberg (1841) (google books)

Basic Amharic Dictionary: Amharic-English, English-Amharic. Leslau, Wolf (1970)  (Free download.)    (pdf) 672 pages. Click *ERIC Full Text * to start download

Online Amharic-English dictionary with search box

Download fonts

Amharic keyboard and font to download (scroll down for font)

Senamirmir fonts

(to start using font, close the browser and open again; this website has an Amharic “welcome” message you will be able to see if your font is working)

Dead-tree Amharic dictionaries on Amazon

Concise Amharic Dictionary (Paperback) by Wolf Leslau (see free download above)

Amharic English, English Amharic Dictionary: A Modern Dictionary of the Amharic Language (Paperback) by Endale Zenawi

Information about Amharic

A small Amharic glossary

Road to Ethiopia, blog written by a student of Amharic language

Image below: Ethiopian leather healing scroll, for curing disease.  The initial image on the scroll is the archangel Micheal with his sword, a very popular motif in Ethiopian religious art.  The language is probably Geez, used only for religious purposes.

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