The last word on the Shirley Sherrod tempest goes to the insightful Zogby, who observes:

Something is fundamentally rotten in our political culture — where groups seeking political advantage can so easily make victims of innocents and cowards will let good people pay a price rather than defend their rights to a fair hearing.

But of course that’s not how the politics plays out.  If she had not been fired, the teabaggers and right-wing pundits would have made her name a by-word for continuous attack on the liberals, by shear repetition of lies.  This way she gets to sue Breitbart, making headlines that advance the liberal cause as the case plays out in court, and more headlines when she ultimately accepts a new position somewhere.

Today the church bells in the neighborhood were playing

Dear Lord and Father of mankind,
Forgive our foolish ways!
Reclothe us in our rightful mind…

and I thought, not gonna happen.


8 Responses to “Sherrod”

  1. DailyPUMA Says:

    Seems to me that Sherrod’s audience has gotten off the hook for their racist reaction to Sherrod’s speech.

  2. AliceP. Says:

    What racist audience remarks? I didn’t hear any. Also, the story here to me is why is the Obama administration paying ANY credence to the right wing tactics against Sherrod at all. What they did was heinous and expected given their past actions. I’d appreciate it if Obama would not pay any attention whatsoever to such harmful tactics. He’s behaved like Bush Three and this was another misstep.

  3. DailyPUMA Says:

    Alice, you manage to twist my words when I only wrote one sentence.

    I clearly said, RACIST REACTION, not racist remarks. Typical Obot tactic.

  4. Nijma Says:

    I don’t think AliceP is an obot, not if she thinks Obama is “Bush III”, but I’m not sure what audience reaction is being referred to either. It seems the big racist thing going on here is trying to discredit the NAACP, which has a long and honorable history, and is much respected by the African-American professionals I have been associated with. The teabaggers are trying to conflate it with the Black Panthers in the public mind, which, although the Panthers have had their moments (I sometimes go to a health clinic they originally established) are not at all well thought of in the black community.

    That’s the real racist tactic, the old “they all look alike” gambit. Of course the right wing doesn’t see any difference between Obama and Marx (Karl, not Groucho) so that’s nothing new either.

  5. Nijma Says:

    BTW, obots are welcome here, and I have never censored them, except for replacing their swear words with asterisks, but for some reason they never come around any more.

  6. DailyPUMA Says:

    You might want to read my DailyPUMA article about the double standard when it comes to racial make-up of an audience. It seems that it is easiest to call white audiences racists.

    Media Ignores Racist Audience Reaction

  7. Nijma Says:

    That still doesn’t say what you found offensive. Do you have a link with an example of what you are talking about? It was a pretty long speech.

  8. Nijma Says:

    Here’s the link to the 40-some minute long speech posted on the NAACP website:

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