Iraqi music live

The BBC is now streaming some very nice oud and guitar music on  BBC Radio 3 World Routes. (Thanks, Canahan!)

Update: Very nice station; I enjoyed the classical bit afterwards too.   I remember listening to BBC News on a little longwave radio in Jordan every day, but it was never like that.  We don’t have a strictly classical station here in Chicago, but we do have world-class jazz–although much less of it since Dick Buckley retired and took his record collection with him.

The Iraqi program–BBC proms (?) Ilham Al Mafai and friends on oud and guitar–which  comes up if you do a site search for Iraq, is still available here.

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  1. Canehan Says:

    Very surprised there is no real classical station on air in Chicago. I was always very impressed that anywhere I went in the States, there was one classical station at least. Even Phoenix, in the ’80s at least.
    I suppose it’s far cheaper to just be on line.

  2. Nijma Says:

    I spoke too soon. Teh Google tells me there is indeed a “classical and folk music” station, WFMT, sponsored in part by public television station WTTW11. I listened a few minutes and found it rather dreary.

    Usually the classical stations are public stations. When I lived in Minneapolis, the local public radio station played nothing but opera, much to everyone’s unhappiness, due to the influence of some wealthy patrons, but I was a big fan of their morning show with Garrison Keillor before he went national.

    As far as expense, the cheapest basic landline plus internet package from AT&T is around $35, closer to $45 once you add in state and local taxes and various surcharges, and much more for faster connections, while a cellphone connection from Net10 is $15 a month (and the emergency 911 service works even if the regular service is disconnected). Cable companies will bundle internet with cable TV for around $60 a month. So it’s only cheap if you already have an internet connection and if it’s fast enough to handle streaming content.

  3. john Says:

    Thank you very, very much. I’d heard the post interview on bbc worldservice but wasn’t able to find the link etc. So much superb sound coming from the cradle of civilization now. A couple of days ago mid August, 2010 I caught a sound bite of the Iraqi National Youth Orchestra? Absolutely world shattering, heartfelt complete & technicnally proficient. Blessings to All. John

  4. Nijma Says:

    Here is the clip for the National Youth Orchestra of Iraq, but I can’t seem to view it on my server:

    I also ran into this tidbit, a collection of Iraqi music played by Jewish exiles.
    Apparently the musicians have a tradition of trading cassettes.

    The video chapters on this website feature intimate performances, conversations in Iraqi-Jewish dialect, and rehearsals with key musicians, fans, historians and ethnomusicologists.

    I downloaded a maqam in mp3 format, forgetting that I don’t really care for maqams and that mp3 only sounds good with earbuds.

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