Ramadan images

In the last week, the number of people looking at my blog doubled and then tripled as Ramadan approached and everyone was searching for images of Ramadan calligraphy.  In other years I have linked to Salma Arastu’s work–I loved the calligraphy she was doing five years ago, also her 99 names of Allah in tiles the color of stones, but the more chaotic patterns and pastel colors she has been using lately don’t appeal to me, so I have gone searching for something different.

This year I found the expected calligraphy, also some images of the Koran strangely lighted (Ramadan is the anniversary of the revelation of the Koran by an angel), a couple of wallpapers, one manga, and for some reason–and I’ve never noticed this before–a lot of lamps, both oriental-style lamps and railroad-style lamps that could have come out of the Old West.

Here are the images, along with links to the artists:

Above: “Ramadan”  Artist: Saeed Al-Madani from Dubai, UAE

Below:  “Ramadan” Artist: mh2aa

Above: Islamic Wallpaper 2: Ramadan by t4m3r
Below: Ramadan prayers by mekaeel (a wallpaper with a Ramadan prayer)

Above: Ramadan Kareem2 08 by razangraphics

Below: Ramadan kareem by 3arif

Above: Ramadan 2007 by YoonzDigital
Below: ..Ramadan ..Kareem..by w-melon

Above: Ramadan Karim by ~max-melyanos
Below: Ramadan Kareem by imadesign

Below: Fasting Ramadan by badr-ex

Wait, “play with your fanoos“??!?

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