2 Responses to “Taliesin”

  1. canehan Says:

    Oh you lucky lady to get there !

  2. Nijma Says:

    Oh, Yes!

    Their tour philosophy is much like Elvis’s Graceland: separate tours (with prices of varying outrageousness) for various parts of the grounds. I took an hour tour, well worth it, although they did not permit photography of the interiors.

    In spite of all the admonitions on the website about reservations and sold out tours, I was the only person on the scheduled tour, so I had the tour guide to myself.

    The local scuttlebutt is that Taliesin is having a financial crisis and may close. In my opinion they need to learn something about economies of scale. They are trying to be too exclusive; if they charged less, and their website didn’t try to scare away spontaneous-minded travelers, they might be able to sell more tours, as well as making this heritage available to a wider part of the public.

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