Koran Burners-1, Islam-0

Hillary called it.

“…it’s regrettable that a pastor in Gainesville, Florida with a church of no more than 50 people can make this outrageous and distressful, disgraceful plan and get the world’s attention, but that’s the world we live in right now.”[Official State Department transcript]

It gets better.
The guy who is threatening to burn Korans on Sept 11, The Rev. Terry Jones of Gainesville, Fla., has

…fewer than 50 members in his church. He belongs to no denomination, has held no regional or national office for any church organization and has never held an academic position at a seminary or Bible college.

His church members don’t even support him.

And he was kicked out of his previous church:

A “climate of fear and control” had previously prevailed in the congregation, says one former member of the church who does not want to be named. Instead of free expression, “blind obedience” was demanded,…

In the meantime, the state department has issued a global travel alert, U.S. embassies have held Emergency Action Committee meetings, and U.S. Embassies in Algeria, Indonesia, Jordan and Syria have issued warden messages.

Because this is what is happening around the world, and no matter what else is happening, this is what the American public will see and this is what will shape the American view of Islam.

So what do you see? Bearded crazies threatening a tantrum?

So tell me again about Moderate Islam . Give me something to tell my old landlord who said to me this week “they just want to blow us up”.

This one right wing crackpot has succeeded in making Islam look idiotic.

And now another crackpot in Tennessee has decided to burn Korans.  You know what?  I think they should go ahead and burn the the Korans.  Burn some Bibles too, then throw in Moby Dick and Huckleburry Finn for good measure.

Becuase it will make absolutely no difference to anything at all.

What do they think–Allah is going to get too hot if a Koran is burned?  Does Allah live inside the Koran?  Can Allah be harmed by this action?

Does Allah even care?


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