These bloom at night, presumably to attract night-flying insects for pollination. The sun is barely below the horizon and they have already unfurled themselves.


5 Responses to “Moonflower”

  1. xoussef Says:

    Is that some kind of ipomea vine?

  2. Nijma Says:

    I don’t have the package any more, but I think it’s ipomoea macrantha. Is that a flower in your teeth?

  3. xoussef Says:

    Thanks, I’ve been looking for white ipomoea seeds but stuff like that isn’t to be found easily, nor cheaply, around here. If they wilt I decline any bad eye responsibility though ^^

    Yeah, but it’s supposed to be in the back ground…

  4. Nijma Says:

    We can buy moonflowers like this or this or on Amazon, here is the wiki for ipomoea alba.

    Here is a guy with a flower in his teeth:
    …and your man before and after he eats the flower :)
    before during after

    If they wilt…
    Do you mean from jealousy?

    • xoussef Says:

      Alas they don’t deliver to Morocco lol!

      Very nice moustache their… Sorry we were talking about heu.. flowers right? That moustache is distracting though!

      Hmm thank you, I’ve never been so acutely aware of my ruminating nature!

      Nasturtium (capucine) isn’t bad in salad. Try some sometime.

      Yeah! Beware of the evil eye (insert appropriate sound effect here)

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