Las Posadas

The other day I grabbed an old notebook to make yet another To Do list and found this recipe for hot guava punch from an advanced ESL class I substituted for once upon a time. The local Mexicans make this for Las Posadas in December, to commemorate the journey of Mary and Joseph to Nazareth. It follows a few days after the hugely important mañanitas, a sunrise mass on Dec. 12 (it actually starts the night before and goes all night) in honor of the Virgin of Guadalupe.

Hot Guava Punch for Las Posadas December 16-24

(feeds 20)


8-10 prunes

4 lbs. guavas, cut in half (fresh or frozen)

1 lb. tejocate (yellow Mexican crapapples) frozen is much less expensive

2 sticks cinnamon

3 apples cut in quarters

1 20″ stalk sugar cane (peel and cut in 4″ pieces)

1 orange–sliced with peel on


put in a large pan with water to cover

boil about one hour

put in cups, including fruit (some don’t like it with the fruit)

at the table, add sugar to taste

optional: add tequila, rum, or brandy

eat with spoon

say “salud”

Also on the menu for this holiday:

atole-(hot milk drink)

milk, cornstarch (1 teaspoon per glass), cinnamon, sugar, heat while stirring

buñelos-flour tortilla (fry on both sides in oil)

put on plate

add cinnamon and sugar from a shaker

tamales-an entire block might go together


Las Posadas

–(student description from an essay, retaining some refreshingly expressive fractured English)

The Virgin and St. Joseph

“Las Posadas” those celebrations are representations of the journal who have the virgin Mary & St. Joseph wher they need to return to their origen land to the inscription.

Every day a group of persons have a reunion.

-9 days duration

-meet with rosary in front of Nativity

-sing litany walking

-two persons carry shelf with figures of & the Holy Couple

-carry a candle & stay in front of closed door

-singing a song requesting to enter because the Virgin is pregnant and the night is cold.  This representation is made 2 or 3 times until the last door is open everyone comes in and all is cheer.  Then on the patio the piñata is ready for the youngest ones.

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