First frost

This morning I went across the street for some mint for my morning tea and found frost on the ground. It won’t be long now ’til the trees start to turn.

and do I see space in this garage for some books?….


5 Responses to “First frost”

  1. Canehan Says:

    How would books react to a Chicago winter in an unheated, possibly quite damp, garage?

  2. Nijma Says:

    The space is quite dry, but there might be a mouse or two.

    Anyhow they would probably be there temporarily until I could sort them and get rid of some.

    When I went to Jordan I had to leave two-thirds of my books. The rest my parents stored in a guest room. I must have chosen wisely because I can’t think of even one title that I miss. But I have overcompensated and now have way too many books.

  3. Nijma Says:

    No, wait, my Sax Rohmer Fu Fanchu collection is gone. Those were hilarious.

  4. Canehan Says:

    I lost virtually all my childhood books when I moved to Europe from Australia, though a couple did follow me later. One I lost was the WWII cartoon book of The Gremlins, a Disney production. When I traced it a couple of years ago, thinking I would get it for fun, i9t turned out to have been Roald Dahl’s first book and was something like $450. I had had no recollection of the author, if I had ever taken that in at age six or so.

    I have an estensive collection of Analog science fiction magazines of the “golden” ago late 60s to early 80s (as does Language Hat), but they are yellowing an getting brittle, as probably your Fu Manchu books would be now – acid paper.

    Cor – I just looked at your weather – that’s seriously cold by our standards at this time of year !

  5. Nijma Says:

    Good sleeping weather–I open the window and crawl under several layers of down comforters.

    I had a few Analog and a lot of If— a lot of the short stories by people who later became big time SF writers.

    Not familiar with Gremlins, but I see they have reissued it….or maybe I should link to Amazon UK, or even Amazon Germany (I hear the Saudi expats get faster shipping from Germany). The older edition is more reasonable in the U.S.

    Here is a line from the one Fu Manchu I have managed to acquire since my return–Petrie describes being buried alive by Fu’s henchmen, “He gave me an injection which relaxed the rigidity, and then a draught of that preparation which looks like brandy but tastes like death.” Ah, they don’t write pulp fiction cliches like that anymore.

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