First Snow

Sleepless. I worked last night, and should be exhausted. What woke me up? I look outside. Snow blankets the world. There is a dull hush over everything.

A quick check of the laptop shows it’s 5:30, still a half hour before dawn. Pulling on sneakers, sweaters, and a down jacket, I slip down to the the lake. The snow is damp, it squeaks under my feet. At the industrial corridor, the high voltage wires sizzle with the damp. Snow continues to fall.

This isn’t just snow, though, it’s a milestone, a change in the season. Snow signals Christmas, and all the other festivals of light.

It was like this when I was getting ready to leave Jordan. For two months I was in despair, not wanting to leave. Then came Ramadan, the street vendors frying qadieff in the alleyways, a shift in the seasons. Suddenly it was all right, I could leave.

And so to work.


2 Responses to “First Snow”

  1. marie-lucie Says:

    Beautiful snow pictures!

  2. Nijma Says:


    The new snow and the dawn light are both gone so quickly.

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