Inappropriate Content

From time to time I run my computer from the unsecured router at the local school. The advantage is that it is cheap and I don’t have to go outdoors or spend money on transportation to get to a place that has free WIFI. The disadvantage is that the nannyware censors nearly everything—YouTube, Facebook, Urban Dictionary. Sometimes even the ads on Yahoo will set off a piercing siren.

Here is a typical warning message in Google Reader:

But my blog is not censored…yet. Hmmm, I wonder if I’m doing something wrong. Oh, well, at least I’m censored in Turkey.

You can see the school here, in this photo taken from the window of my aerie. It’s the red brick building in the background. (The fire–not a serious one–was not at my place.) The amazing machine that is capable of connecting at that distance is a 10 inch Asus Eee PC netbook. I bought it as a toy, but it has turned out to be a workhorse.

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