Season’s Greetings

Winter solstice tonight, also full moon — what a coincidence is that? — and if that’s not enough, there’s a total eclipse (visible in North America at least) and a return of the Ursids meteor shower.

Good luck finding the information though. There is a world map of the eclipse here. (Our friends in Europe and Australia will be able to see a partial eclipse.) North American eclipse times are listed at Wikipedia. This website gives moonrise and moonset, along with the cardinal directions for planning your viewing spot or photo angle, you can search for your city. Here is a link to info about the Ursid meteor shower, visible in the northern hemisphere only.  The meteors are in the northern sky and appear to come from within the Little Dipper,  between Polaris and the Big Dipper.

The eclipse starts here at 11:27 pm, peaks at 2:17 am, and is total between 12:40 am and 1:53 am. I’m not sure that’s worth getting up for. The radar shows some clouds coming in, so who knows if it will be too overcast to see anything.

Okay, here’s more links. The website NASA links to is down, but here is the google cache, with start and end times for GMT and the Pacific. And for real eclipse geeks, from google cache of NASA’s eclipse pages, you can also find links to times for “predicted umbral immersion and emersion times for 20 well-defined lunar craters”.

[photo credit: NASA]

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