This is just wrong

Back before the election, when someone thought it was cute to put up an image of Sarah Palin with a noose, I said there was no excuse for it.

Now that Gabrielle Giffords has been shot, and everyone has seen her earlier statement objecting to Palin’s “crosshairs” map, I’ll say the same about this:

There is no excuse.
In case anyone thinks this is just a political map, to give it a little context here is a sampling of the kind of political merchandise available on You can get a “liberal hunting permit”–“valid at school board meetings, polling places, and city council meetings”–, a “terrorist hunting license”, and in case anyone has missed the point of conflating liberals with terrorists, you can also get a “liberal terrorist hunting license”.

And while it’s not hard to find these images for liberals or for the donkey symbols of the democratic party, there are no corresponding “target” images for republicans, conservatives, or elephants.

You should be able to find most of the below items by doing a site search for “liberal” and “hunting license”.

There’s no excuse.

(In case anyone still has not seen Jon Stewart’s take on the tragedy, it’s worth watching. Sorry, can’t link to it directly, streaming content is blocked on my computer.)


4 Responses to “This is just wrong”

  1. JeanLouise Says:

    You’re right. There’s no excuse.

  2. bemused_leftist Says:

    Just want to say I appreciated your comments on the Confluence. Don’t agree on all points but you seem unusually ready to look at evidence from both sides.

    If the subject is getting thrown out by RD, I don’t mind hosting some discussion at

  3. Nijma Says:

    My last comment over there went in the spam filter, but I basically said I don’t get sucked into writing about politics very often but this was something I feel pretty strongly about. It seems like everyone over there was just repeating the wing-nut talking points without even listening to themselves. A target is like crosshairs? Pa-leeze. Shooting at a target is not shooting at a person. And a target is not a symbol of assassination, but a rifle crosshairs most certainly is. Sort of like the difference in symbolism between a rope and a noose.

    I don’t appreciate being categorized as a Palinista either; I volunteered for Hillary, and I met Riverdaughter in Denver.

    I wish I could see your blog, but unfortunately the entity I’m … ahem … borrowing… bandwidth from has very aggressive nannyware that blocks YouTube, Facebook, and Livejournal,… oh, and Urban Dictionary (not that I look at that, of course). :)

  4. Nijma Says:

    BTW, on WordPress subdomains like this one and RD’s blog, you can create a link from your name to your blog by putting your URL where it says Website.

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