Sun dog

Be it so, said Tubero; and since you invite me to discussion, and present the opportunity, let us first examine, before any one else arrives, what can be the nature of the parhelion, or double sun, which was mentioned in the senate. Those that affirm they witnessed this prodigy are neither few nor unworthy of credit, so that there is more reason for investigation than incredulity.
—Cicero, On the Republic

You don’t see these very often, and when you do, they’re usually double, one on *either* side of the sun. I shot this from the road, braving the single digit temperatures to roll down the car window and point the camera over my shoulder.

By the time I could pull off the road, the second image on the right was gone, and there was only the oddly glaring winter sun, low in the sky.

Then in the rear view mirror I caught a glimpse of a brilliant red sunset with both sun and sun dog. But by the time I fumbled the camera out of its case, the color had diminished and I only had time to catch this view through the salt-encrusted window as the car passed behind a hill.

Sometimes part of a photograph catches my imagination, and I play with it in an image editor to try to bring out whatever I find startling about it. A pity this one wasn’t in good focus.


2 Responses to “Sun dog”

  1. paulinelaurent Says:

    Amazing photos. What country are you in?

  2. Nijma Says:

    This is downstate Illinois, near Kankakee.

    It’s not really that unusual of a winter scene for the midwest, especially when the temperature is in the subzero range, but most people stay indoors when it’s that cold and never see it.

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